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Track your software, and ensure compliance with DejaCode

DejaCode is a complete enterprise-level application to automate open source license compliance and ensure software supply chain integrity. DejaCode is powered by ScanCode, the industry-leading code scanner, so you can:

  • Run scans and track all the open source and third-party products and components used in your software.
  • Apply usage policies at the license or component level, and integrate into ScanCode to ensure compliance.
  • Capture software inventories (SBOMs), generate compliance artifacts, and keep historical data.
  • Ensure FOSS compliance with enterprise-grade features and integrations for DevOps and software systems.

Watch this recorded webinar demonstrated by Dennis Clark, Product Manager at nexB, for an overview of DejaCode and technical demo on how to use DejaCode to scan your code, enforce usage policies, understand what’s in your software, and ensure open source compliance.


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