License Compliance is Like Saying Thanks for a Gift from The New Stack

As the consumption of open source technologies is skyrocketing, one of the biggest yet most underrated challenges are license companies. Organizations often use a mix of open source technologies that are released under different open source licenses. Sometimes these licenses are compatible with each other and sometimes not.

Additionally, lack of adherence to the license may lead to legal actions. No one wants to be at the receiving end of the SFC (Software Freedom Conservancy) or the SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center).

Watch this video to learn about Philippe Ombrédanne, co-founder and CTO of nexB, and how he has dedicated his life to helping organizations to reuse free/libre and open source software, without worrying about licenses. He has been a prolific contributor to many open source projects including Eclipse and Java, but now he has evolved his role within the Open Source community.

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