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Google Summer of Code: Open source SCA tools with AboutCode

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a program that encourages student developers to work on and learn about open source development. Google sponsors select students to work on open source projects for three months.

nexB is excited to work with smart students who are passionate about open source development and want to help AboutCode build better open source tooling for Software Composition Analysis. This post includes a running list of updates.


Google Summer of Code 2022 announces approved AboutCode projects

A primer for aspiring AboutCode contributors during Google Summer of Code

We also recorded this video for prospective contributors to share more information about AboutCode and our project ideas for 2022.

AboutCode GSoC 2022 Project Ideas

AboutCode accepted to 2022 Google Summer of Code


Google Summer of Code 2021 retrospective

AboutCode accepted to 2021 Google Summer of Code


Google Summer of Code 2020 retrospective

AboutCode GSoC 2020 Project Ideas

AboutCode accepted to 2020 Google Summer of Code


AboutCode accepted to 2019 Google Summer of Code

About AboutCode

AboutCode is a community that builds critical open source Software Composition Analysis tools, including ScanCode. We want to make open source easier to use by providing open source tools to discover, identify, and track open source components.

Our goal for GSoC is to engage students who want to learn how real open source development works.

Join our open source community

Google Summer of Code and the Google Summer of Code logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

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