At nexB, we are open source experts.

nexB was founded in 2003 by Michael J. Herzog, Philippe Ombrédanne, and François Granade. Our mission is to provide software and services to enable companies and other organizations to effectively leverage open source software and also to actively comply with the conditions of open source licenses. Our conclusion from many years of experience in the vanguard of open source software adoption is that the major benefits of using open source clearly exceed the minimal costs to comply with the licenses.

We have also concluded that the software development teams and legal/business managers need different, but complementary, tools for managing the use of open source software. For software developers we offer open source tools for software provenance analysis (origin and license) and compliance that you can customize for your particular languages, frameworks and development environment. For legal/business managers we offer a SaaS enterprise application to manage open source usage and governance across products and teams, regardless of language or development environment. This hybrid solution provides the right tools for the job for organizations of any size.

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We’re a fun and collaborative group that pride ourselves in delivering great service and top notch solutions for our clients.

We’re distributed around the globe, but united in our vision to help all organizations better adopt open source software by ensuring open source license compliance.


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